In Defense Of Advertisement: Why Is It?

A man wakes up after sleeping

under an ADVERTISED blanket

on an ADVERTISED mattress

and pulls off ADVERTISED pajamas

bathes in an ADVERTISED shower

shaves with an ADVERTISED razor

brushes his teeth

with ADVERTISED toothpaste

washes with ADVERTISED soap

puts on ADVERTISED clothes

drinks a cup

of ADVERTISED coffee

drives to work

in an ADVERTISED car

and then…..

refuses to ADVERTISE

believing it doesn’t pay.

Later if business is poor

he ADVERTISES it for sale.



About Free Bird Express

Business/Technology Writer, Peace/Human Rights Activist, Health Advocate, Blogger

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  1. may naalala akong ad… parang yung line ay “before this” then ipinapakita yung bago mo natanggap yung product ito muna yung mga pinagdaanan. kapag ikaw ang nanood ang dali lang mag-judge pero kung ikaw ang nag-a-advertise ng isang product ang daming ek ek. pero people should know that advertisement is not only about selling using different media. isang sample ng personal advertisement ay resume. if you know how to advertise yourself, kahit hindi ka magaling maha-hire ka.

    nice post!

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